Anti-gravity: They’ve Concealed It For Years!

A whistleblower has stated that the USA was able to develop technology using anti-gravity methods for several years. However, they covered this info up from the public.

Does anti-gravity technology currently exist?

The whistleblower, who likes to remain unknown has voiced out regarding his job with the RCA. He states he read a workplace memo that described exactly how one of the technicians working for the organization had effectively examined an anti-gravity gadget.

In the exact same memo, the record number was outlined to be labeled for more information concerning these systems which might efficiently lead to electric power for automobiles.


Nevertheless, once the man pressed further as well as asked for more info, they gave him the cold shoulder. Having been told that this memo is inaccurate as almost all tests into anti-gravity engineering were unsuccessful. Additionally, they told him there was no record containing more information about the fascinating technology.

Nikola Tesla developed a working traveling platform

People always thought that the anti-gravity concept is indeed a possibility. One hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla developed a working traveling platform. He also trademarked it as a flying saucer spacecraft. Regrettably, following his death, the FBI grabbed the majority of his notebooks as well as ideas. They monitored him as a possibly subversive impact.

This implies that the particular facts of his ideas aren’t available to the public. Moreover, Otis T Carr, who worked together with Tesla, additionally claimed he had created an anti-gravity craft which it was completely operational. But, like Tesla, Carr was specific by government departments. There are accusations that they shut down his findings.

It might appear puzzling as to the reasons the USA federal government would have held this info from the public. Nonetheless, there is evidently a logical reason behind the reductions. Anti-gravity technologies could basically lead to the actual free operating of automobiles from vehicles to spacecraft.

This type of technology might significantly harm the results of many from the major contributor to each dominant political parties in the USA. It could provide the population much more freedom compared to authorities tend to be comfortable with.